Building A Dream

Building A Dream

Building A Dream

It was about 20 years ago when my oldest daughter asked me to write down something into her poetry book. I was never really into poetry, so I decided to just put in a postcard, showing a yacht sailing down the Stavanger Fjord in Norway. Beneath this postcard I wrote: „ No words needed. One day.“

This day became true on a cold spring day in May this year. It was the day I picked up my brand new Najad 440CC.

It was the first new Najad, being built after the company´s insolvency.

You might wonder why I took the risk, buying a boat from a company that has been down for a while. The answer is quite easy. First, I got a monetary bond from the new investor. Second, and even more important, I trusted Staffan Asp and his team from the day on I´ve visited the wharf in Orust.Construction works started in October 2014 and being on the phone with the wharf became part of my weekly routine. My first check-up visit was in November. The hull was already there, as well as some of the inner parts. You do need quite a lot of imagination to visualize the yacht that was going to arise one day out of these raw materials. And again, I relied on the team´s experience and expertise. Especially on Staffan, who convinced me to choose a „normal“ rig rather than a cutter rig. Instead we decided to invest in a „Code-Zero Sail“ which was, seen from now, the best decision.

I checked again on „ MY“ boat in January and February, which was not a cause of concern, only an owner´s curiosity. At that time, nearly 80% has already been built and I saw the beautiful teak deck fort he first time. From that day on, my mail-account has been fed daily with new pictures and update-information. At the end of May I drove up all the way from Bielefeld (Germany) to Orust. Together with my daughter and two close friends I was going to finally incure my new Najad.

At first, we were all stunned by the beauty of these 4000 hours of hard handwork. At a second glance, we were really happy to have Rickard (the one who knows nearly everything when it comes to software and electronics) by our side. He explained every detail concerning the new board electronic. After two days of explanation and testing we were finally able to take the AMALI home. Staffan was also part oft he crew, so that it was easier for us to get used tot he new hydraulic rig, vang and backstay. Everything worked out perfectly, besides some small adjustments you can only fix when the yacht is already sailing.

Right now, the „AMALI“ is taking course on Stockholm, the Göta channel and Göteborg.

What we can sum up so far?
Well, right now, we are sailing with 7 knots, only on foresail, wind is 16 knots aft: pure joy in the archipelagos south of Stockholm.

We felt very safe during the strong winds and heavy rains on the outer sea a couple of days ago. And the convenience you have on board (large saloon, two bathrooms with shower, even a washing machine!) outshines all the hotels in the world 😉

After a sundowner up in the middle cockpit my wife and I agreed, that this was the best decision we took so far.
On this note: Allzeit gute Fahrt und immer eine Handbreit Wasser unter dem Kiel.

Amali CREW