Historisches archiv


Frühere Modelle

Die 1971 gegründete Najadvarvet hat in 40 Jahren über 2000 Yachten produziert, alle entsprechend den Wünschen und Anprüchen der Kunden. Najad zählt unter den Segelyachten seit vielen Jahrzehnten zu den Besten der Welt.

Najad 331

Excellent sailing performance without compromise.

Najad 332

Brighter colors and an overall lifted ambiance.


Najad 34

The beginning of Najad, in 1970.

Najad 340

Perfectly built for long, pleasant stays.

Najad 343

A home to be proud of.

Najad 355

Fast, safe and comfortable.

Najad 360

Thoughtful use of space and excellent facilities.

Najad 361

Improved sailing performance.

Najad 37

A true long distance cruiser.

Najad 370

Designed after many miles of experience.

Najad 371

Perfect for long distance cruises and long periods at sea.

Najad 373

Fine finish and practical design all in one.

Najad 380

Our most successful yacht design ever.

Najad 380 Aphrodite

The look of yesteryear combined with modern-day technology.

Najad 390

Built for long trips and long periods both at sea and in port.

Najad 391

Excellent sailing and superb comfort.

Najad 400

Comfortable and perfect for longer trips.

Najad 405

Mid range cruising style.

Najad 441

The beautiful and large teak deck provides an easy and safe place to work.

Najad 420

A true long distance cruiser.

Najad 440

A fast cruiser for sailors with high expectations.

Najad 440 CC

For sailors with high standard and high conditions in comfort both at sea and in harbor.

Najad 460

The ultimate cruiser.

Najad 460 Aphrodite

Our range of Aphrodite yachts is for those who appreciate classic beauty and are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Najad 490

A 49 foot sailing yacht with a powerful, extremely seaworthy hull of modern design.

Najad 511

A perfect fast ocean cruiser, with a light feeling on the helm, beautiful outside, fantastic inside

Najad 511 Aphrodite

Aphrodite are yachts specially designed for boat lovers who value tradition and history.

Najad 520

A 52 foot sailing yacht with an IMS rating of 611.

Najad 520 Deck Saloon

To increase flexibility and to get more out of the interior of the hull, we created Najad 520 Deck Saloon.

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