Najad agent Boat sales International opens new office in Hamble Point Marina

Najad agent Boat sales International opens new office in Hamble Point Marina

U.K. agent opens new office in Hamble Point Marina

We are delighted that our Najad U.K. agent Boat Sales International, have opened a new office in Hamble Point Marina.

New Office
Hamble point Marina is situated at the mouth of the River Hamble and the new office is right in the heart of the Marina. For boat sales this is unquestionably one of the most active Marinas in the UK, and argu- ably Europe. It is often referred to as the High Street of boat buying! The new office could not be better placed to attract customers, with a view over the river it fronts onto the marina bar, the marina office and the boat hoist giving us the very best customer foot- fall for both new and brokerage boats.

With the increase in Najad’s brokerage activity in the UK we are always keen to improve the contact with buyers and sellers of Najad yachts, and an office in this excellent location will certainly help with this! The Internet is another invaluable tool and, as with other yacht brokers, we advertise our boats on sever- al sites. However, Najad brokerage customers benefit greatly from Najad’s unique understanding of the product, relevant experience and a genuine inter- est in the Najads. This knowledge sets us apart from non-specialist brokers and this is why we are able to offer the best service.

Experienced Yachtsmen
As the UK’s Najad agents Jeff and Mike have a real interest in the success of every aspect of the Najads, in addition to this they have many years of very relevant experience, they are in fact among

the most experienced yachtsman in the industry – Jeff had the Najad agency during the 90’s and Mike had the UK office from 2000 for twelve years and between them they have sold and commissioned over 300 new Najads and many more on brokerage.

Having taught sailing for over ten years and worked for a number of British boat builders before joining Najad, Mike is certainly a very experienced sailor. Jeff has sailed across the Atlantic nineteen times as well as many trips from Sweden to the UK, he also built the Farr pilot house yachts which were in many ways similar to Najads – they were top quality Swedish yachts of between fifty and sixty-five feet.
Jeff and Mike are knowledgeable and professional yacht brokers but they are also well-known for their friendly and helpful approach to assisting yacht owners and they are always happy to help on any aspect of boat ownership.

Special brokerage rate during april
The Najad brokerage are always actively looking for more Najads to sell through their brokerage and can offer a special brokerage rate for boats listed during April.

Tel: +44 (0)23 8045 7966