No two Najad owners are alike.
Neither are their yachts.

Personalizing your dream project is a major part of the Najad concept. It already starts before you sit down at the drawing board. Our people will discuss in detail with you how and where you will use your yacht and what you expect from your Najad. Based on your wishes you will receive a fully detailed customized solution and offer.
Apart from changes to the hull form and main bulkhead positions, every new 570 can be customized to satisfy the needs and the preferred sailing style of each owner. The internal layout, accommodation and living arrangements can be individually specified and matched with different fabrics and colour schemes.

Built by world class shipbuilders.

For nine hundred years the people of Orust, Bohuslän have been sailors and shipbuilders.
A heritage today carried on by the skilled boat builders at Najad.

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The birth of your yacht.
Follow it on site and
from the palm of your hand.

Being a passionate sailor, you are invited to build your yacht together with our equally passionate craftsmen. Just like you, our customers are genuine and passionate sailors who appreciate the good things in life. Mrs Bodil Hägg (relaxing in the picture on the right) is one of these committed customers.

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Najad 570. Challenge
yourself in comfort.

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