Najad Club Nederland celebrates its 25th anniversary


Najad Club Nederland is the association of Najad yacht owners in the Netherlands (including German and Belgian owners who keep their yacht in the Netherlands) and was established in 1995, already 25 years ago. The Club connects Najad yacht owners to exchange experiences and mutual advice through meetings and a very good website. Annually, a Club membership booklet is published with owners and boat type information. In addition, each year two Najad Club weekends are organised with friendly sailing races and in winter a one-day course (e.g. navigation, weather, VHF/AIS) and visits to maritime institutions such as the traffic control centre in Hoek of Holland and the MARIN Institute in Wageningen. The 25th anniversary will be celebrated in September on the clipper Titaan with a sailing trip on the IJsselmeer and dinner.

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Najad Yachts of Sweden congratulate the Najad Club on their 25th anniversary and wishes the Club a prosperous future.