Najad Yachts partners with North Sails


Collaboration for two long standing industry leaders.

North Sails Sweden are proud to announce a partnership with the true bluewater cruising yacht builder, Najad Yachts. This collaboration is an investment in sailors as Najad Yachts further refine and improve the sailing experience in all new boats that leave the yard in Henån.

By working with North Sails, Najad Yachts customers now have access to North 3Di technology; a unique, patented sailmaking design that sets us apart from the competition. Not only do “North Sails 3Di sails provide very good performance, but what impresses the most is that they also have fantastic durability,” says Fredrik Malmqvist, CEO of Najad. “We know that’s very important to our customers.”

Both North and Najad know that it’s behind the scenes where true craftsmanship is found and the dedication to quality from both partners can give confidence to any cruiser. North Sails worldwide network of lofts means service options are just around the corner and for Najad Yachts, “It both simplifies and increases security for our customers,” says Fredrik.

“North Sails has long had a strong position among the world’s cruising sailors”, says Henrik Ottosson, CEO of North Sails Sweden. “It is very nice that Najad, as the first Swedish boatyard, now chooses North Sails as a supplier. The combination of the highest quality and first-class sailing characteristics is something that really unites us. ”

North Sails Sweden are excited to note that the first Najad Yacht to be delivered within the North Sails partnership will be a new Najad 450 CC Next Generation, due to set sail this summer.

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